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Ramanagara, Dec 7, 2017


Ramanagara is one of the most beautiful districts of karnataka which offers a beautiful destination for tourism. Every year thousands of travellers flood this spot to try out exciting activities. So here's a list of 5 things that you could do in Ramanagara. 1. Just a few kms away from Ramanagara is the Corbett National Park that acts as a beautiful attraction for tourists because of the endless wildlife it houses. 2. Rock climbing is a very famous activities practiced there due to a lot of popular hills like Ramadevarabetta, SRS betta and Thenginkalbetta being there. 3. Go bird watching to treat yourself with a view of beautiful birds like Long-billed vulture, Egyptian vulture and Yellow-throated bulbul. 4. You can visit multiple temples of multiple Gods in this district and enjoy the spiritual charm of the place. 5. Not to forget the great native items present that are lovely for shopping there. Overall, this place can prove to be a really exciting destination and is definitely worth a visit.

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best things you can do or explore, Sep 2, 2017

some of the best things you can do or explore there.

So if you are in Ramanagara, here are some of the best things you can do or explore there. 1. Adventure activities- Ramanagara can be regarded as a hub for adventure activities. From trekking, kayaking to rope and water activities, everything is available there. Campfire circle is one of the best adventure zones of Ramanagara providing you with the best adventure activities. 2. Bird watching- Ramanagara is known for its variety of birds and their beautiful colours. If you are a photographer, this is your destination. A lot of nature resorts in Ramanagara such as Campfire circle give you an ambience of lush greenery with a lot of natural beauty. 3. Heritage exploration- Ramanagara is very famous for the heritage it carries. You can visit a variety of museums and temples in and around Ramanagara and learn more about this place. So if you are looking for some fun and excitement, visit places like campfire circle in Ramanagara that give you a nature surrounded environment along with many adventure activities.

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