Complimentary Activities

Trekking to Hosahalli betta

Trekking to Hosahalli betta

Kayaking in stream

Outdoor games – Cricket, volley ball, shuttle cock

Mud Volleyball

Swimming in stream

 Indoor games – carom



Paid Activity


Note: Up to 15 people can accommodate in 1 pick-up vehicle

  • Hosahalli View Point – Rs 1800 per Jeep
  • Mookanamane Habbi Water Falls – Rs 1000 per Jeep
  • Mookanamane Habbi Water Falls + Kaginahare – Rs 3000 per Jeep
  • Kaginahare Fort – Rs 2800 per Jeep
  • Patla Betta Sunset Point – Rs 2800 per Jeep ( From Tusker valley)
  • Patla Betta Sunset Point – Rs 800 per jeep ( from Patla betta base)
  • Green Route Railway Tunnel Trek (yedakumeri) – Rs 3000 per Jeep
  • Green Route Railway Tunnel Trek (yedakumeri) + Kaginahare – Rs 3500 per Jeep

Description: A 4×4 Jeep will take you across the Western Ghats to a breathtaking view of the mountains. Touch the sky and feel the wind in your ear during this rocky ride in a safe and customised jeep driven by an expert. Soak in the sunset, nature, birds and trees on your adventu.

Sakleshpur is perfect for off road fun and adventure and you’ll find lots of off road trails for motorcycles, horse, dirt bikes, ATVs(All-Terrain Vehicle), and 4 wheel drive vehicles. We at Tusker Valley Homestay offer endless trails to explore along with miles and miles of scenic beauty to enjoy. So load up the Jeep and head to one of these trails and enjoy the miles of off road trails in Western Ghats. We offer daily one hour to full day tours, or we can create a custom tour with a picnic, hiking, trek to waterfalls, swimming or fishing. Reservations are required.

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