10 KMS from Tusker Valley Nature Stay

This is a small fort/watchtower which is now in ruins. This approximately 2 kms west of Kaginahare village. The village itself is around 8kms from Hongadahalla village in Sakleshpur Taluk. Kaginahare village is an exit point of the Donigal-Yedakumari railway track trek. It also has a very good view of the surrounding area.The ruins of a fort built by Tippu Sultan, the ruler of Mysore, Kaginahare stands atop a hill that overlooks rolling mountains carpeted with lemongrass and interspersed with palm trees and scattered rocks. The view is to live for.

Getting there: The route up the hills to reach Kaginahare is tricky, bumpy, adventurous and can only be accessed by four-wheel-driven vehicles, so be sure to ask for the a jeep on hire.

What to do there: Climb atop the fort and enjoy a stunning view of the western Ghats. Spend some time reveling in nature and capture the moments with your cameras.


5 KMS from Tusker Valley Nature Stay

Lying in a quiet corner amidst the Bisle Reserve Forest, the Mookana Mane Fall is a spot of absolute serenity. Short but broad and pretty, you experience a sense of tranquility as you gaze at its beauty.

Getting there: As the roads are not accessible by normal vehicles it is best to hire a four-wheel-driven vehicle. We will be happy to do this for you for an additional fee. Reaching the fall requires a short and moderately easy trek.

What to do there: Walk up to the base of the fall and just relax, take in the quiet and find yourself filled with peace as you gaze at the soothing water.


At the foothills of the Pushpagiri Mountains in northern Coorg, the Kumaradhara River falls off a cliff nestled amidst splendid greenery to make the Mallalli Fall a picturesque location. The river then continues its course through Kukke Subrahmanya and later joins the Netravati.

Getting there: The roads leading to the fall are only accessed by a four-wheel-driven vehicle, so it’s best to hire a jeep. We will be happy to do this for you at additional cost.

What to do there: Climb up the vantage rock at the peak opposite the fall and immerse yourself in the beauty of the surrounding mountains and valleys. Take the steps down to the base to enjoy a rejuvenating shower, or just to experience a different perspective of the wondrous falls.


36 KMS from Tusker Valley Nature Stay

“Gavi” in Kannada stands for “Cave” and “Betta” for a “hill” – this is the secret of the name this hill has. Getting to the last part of the cave is really hard; it requires us to creep through low and narrow opening between the rocks, move on slippery rock to finally get to the cave. This cave has a religious significance and villagers come here to offer their prayers to the deity here.

Getting there: The roads are only accessed by a four-wheel-driven vehicle, so it’s best to hire a jeep. We will be happy to do this for you at additional cost.

What to do there: Trek to the peak and enjoy a stunning view of the western Ghats. Look for huge rocks standing on another rock with very little support .Spend some time reveling in nature and don’t forget to capture the sunset with your cameras.


7 KMS from Tusker Valley Nature Stay

The railway segment joining Sakleshpur and the Kukke Subramanya road junction is known as the ‘Green Route’. Located in the Western Ghats, Sakleshpur is a town with bountiful greenery. This route is located along the Hassan and Canara regions of the state of Karnataka.

Getting there:The roads are only accessed by a four-wheel-driven vehicle, so it’s best to hire a jeep. We will be happy to do this for you at additional cost.

What to do there: You can do a small trek from Yadekumari to Donigal to get the whole experience of Green Route Trek. The actual length of the trek is 53 km and your trail will comprise of 59 tunnels which are an absolute terrestrial abyss, 110 bridges and over 25 stunning waterfalls. The Green Route trek offers absolute wilderness to nature lovers and the lengths of the tunnels vary from few meters to over 600 meters.


25 KMS from Tusker Valley Nature Stay

The meeting point of the mountain ranges of three districts – Dakshina Kannada, Coorg and Hassan, Bisle Ghat is a natural link between Pushpagiri and Kudremukh. Adjoined by some of the most spectacular rain forests in India, the Bisle Reserve Forest, and with the beautiful Giri River flowing through the valley, Bisle Ghat is a must for nature lovers everywhere.

Getting there: Bisle Ghat is situated at the 18th kilometre on Bisle Ghat Road, after you turn right from State Highway 107. Roads are bumpy but travelable with a normal car.

What to do there: Pack some sandwiches and tea, park yourself in the watchtower and leisurely take in the spectacular view as low-lying clouds drift in slow motion beneath your feet and sunlit peaks sparkle in the sky.


40 KMS from Tusker Valley Nature Stay

Honnamana Kere is the biggest lake in Coorg and a place of historical and spiritual significance. Its 6Kms away from Somwarpet.There is story which says that the goddess Honnamana sacrificed her life for the welfare of the people and a temple adjacent to the lake has been constructed in the honour of Goddess Honnamma.Every year once, during the Gowri festival, a special pooja is conducted and a ‘Bagina’ consisting of different belongings for the goddess Honamma is presented to the lake.Honnamana Kere is surrounded by two hills Gavi Betta & Mori Betta and by beautiful mountains, cliffs and Coffee Plantations. Man built caves can be found amongst these hills which are believed to be built by the Pandavas. Honnammana Kere is also a boating & fishing spot and every year during the festival Gowri festival newly wed couples visit the lake to give offerings.


36 KMS from Tusker Valley Nature Stay

Built in 1782 by Tipu Sultan as security against infiltrators from Madikeri, this imposing fort stands atop a hill called Anaigudda on the road to Mangalore.

Getting there: Manzarabad Fort is 5 KMS from Sakleshpur on the Bangalore – Mangalore Highway and are travelable with a normal car.

What to do there: Explore the intrigue of the old fort and admire stonewalls guarded by a deep trench all around and the inner part, built with burnt bricks and lime mortar. Don’t forget to check out the plus-shaped well at the centre, guaranteed to put a smile on your face.


Distance from Tusker Valley Nature Stay:

Subrahmanya – 42.1 km & Dharmasthala – 91.1 km

If you’re feeling devotional, the twin holy sites of Kukke Subramanya Temple and Dharmasthala are must-visits, being just a one to two hours’ drive.

What to do there: Get close to God at the Kukke Subramanya, Dharmasthala and Manjunatha temples and the Bahubali statue. Indulge in a bit of history at ‘Manjusha’ a private heritage museum housing metal sculptures, paintings, cameras and handicrafts. For an added treat, check out the vintage cars at the nearby car museum.

Patla betta viewpoint & Trekking

Patla Betta is a gentle rolling mountain range, located on the Bisle Ghat Road at Mankanahalli in the Sakleshpur district of Karnataka. Travelers can explore the beautiful Western Ghat hills nearby. It takes about an hour and a half of leisurely walk to reach the top of this hill. This offbeat spot does not have any motorable roads. You must drive to the base of the hill and hike to the hilltop. Travellers can also hire a Mahindra Jeep or an Open Van/good old pickup that can cruise over the rocky mountain tracks to the top of Patla Betta. The entire journey, for six people, costs 1200 rupees via jeep and 700 rupees via an open van. From the hilltop, you can view three districts of Karnataka – Kodagu, Hassan, and Dakshina Kannada. Patla betta is best known for its beautiful sunrise and sunset.

Mankanahalli Ridge

11 KMS from Tusker Valley Nature Stay

Ridge point at Mankanahalli near Bisle, this ridge of Bisle Ghat in Sakleshpur divides the rainwater flowing in the region between the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal The fate of each rainfall is decided here. From here, it either ends up in the Arabian Sea or in the Bay of Bengal. This stone, laid by British officers, has inscribed on it the words Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal and the Ridge. If you travel towards Sakleshpur from Bisle Ghat, you will reach a scenic hamlet called Mankanahalli just 5 km from Bisle.

Bisle Reserve Forest

Located at a distance of around 65 km from Sakleshpur.

The Bisle Reserve Forest is a biodiversity hotspot. During the monsoon season, this forest looks splendid covered with mist and the dews that settle on plants make them look stupendous. If you want a bird’s eye view of the place, do not forget to go to Bisle View Point. A trekker’s paradise surrounded by green forest, streams and waterfalls, Bisle Ghat Viewpoint in the Bisle Reserve Forest attracts tourists for the panoramic views of the three mountain ranges namely Dodda Betta-Yenikallu Betta, Pushpagiri and Kumara Parvatha along with the Giri River passing through the valley. It is located 55 kilometres from the bus stand of Sakleshpur, 5 kilometres from Bisle village and around 20 kilometres from Kukke Subramanya Temple. The forest is a protected region without human occupancy and the forest department created a shelter at the viewpoint to enjoy the mountains.

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